Rewilding Arcadia live webinar

SOLD OUT – Tuesday 30 March 2021 at 19.30 Rewilding Arcadia live webinar with Jason Debney

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Jason Debney, co-ordinator of the Arcadian section of the Thames Landscape Strategy, will speak about the Rewilding Arcadia project – a series of nature-based flood risk management projects designed to restore the lost floodplain to re-reconnect water, people, heritage and wildlife with the natural cycles of the Thames.

As the climate changes, the Arcadian Thames faces a new challenge.  Models predict that over the next 50 years many of the public walks, parks and gardens that characterise the Arcadian Thames will need to adapt, in response to increasing flood risk, if they are to retain their special landscape character, recreational value, cultural significance and wildlife diversity.  The Thames Landscape Strategy has been at the forefront in developing solutions to this challenge.  Launched by Sir David Attenborough, the Restoration of the Lost Floodplain sets out a long-term series of measures that would see the incremental evolution of the landscape in response to climate change.   Rewilding Arcadia is the next stage in the implementation of this ground-breaking initiative.

Rewilding Arcadia looks to achieve multiple landscape benefits, for the long-term, to ensure that local communities, businesses, landowners, agencies and river users are fully engaged with flood risk management policy and solutions to increase public understanding about flooding and the need for change.