About Chiswick Pier Trust

This Chiswick to Hammersmith River Trail pack consists of a set of written clues about things you can find along the route. Why not download our trail to learn about the Thames and what lies along its banks from Chiswick Pier to Hammersmith?

  • The River Trail starts at The Pier House, Corney Reach Way. Explore the immediate area, including the Pier itself. Head along the riverside path downstream (turn left when facing river)
  • Follow the path as it turns sharp left and explore the churchyard of St. Nicholas’ Church.
  • Continue along Chiswick Mall.
  • Dip into Chiswick Lane South up to the corner with Mawson Lane and back.
  • Continue along Chiswick Mall.
  • When the road turns sharp left, continue straight on into Upper Mall. Trail ENDS at William Morris’s House.

To return to Chiswick Pier, you can either retrace your steps by foot along the river, or take public transport from nearby Hammersmith tube and bus station. By tube, take the District Line to Turnham Green, then catch an E3 bus. By bus, catch a 27, 267, 391 or H91 to Chiswick High Road, then catch an E3.

Download the heritage trail.