Saturday 10th September 2022

Out of respect for the Queen’s death we will no longer be offering refreshments or food tomorrow at the Great River Race.

As part of the Totally Thames Festival the Great River Race will be run upstream from London Docklands to Ham. The gruelling 21 mile course attracts over 330 crews from all over the globe. The race appeals to every level of competitor from dedicated athletes to those who just enjoy taking part. It’s a great day out for both competitors and spectators.

Come down to Chiswick Pier to watch the Great River Race on Saturday 10th September. The race begins at Docklands at 09.50 on a “slowest first, fastest last” handicap basis. The first boats should be passing Chiswick Pier around 11.45 with the winners arriving at Ham by 13.00.

Chiswick Pier is a wonderful vantage point for spectators with excellent views of a long stretch of the river.

Please do come and join us to watch this wonderful race.