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It’s Totally Thames month at Chiswick Pier Trust!

This September, as part of the Totally Thames festival, Chiswick Pier Trust is hosting the collections of 20 mudlarks over two days as part of a weekend exhibition on Mudlarks and the Thames on the 25th-26th September.

Visit Chiswick Pier Trust, hear from mudlarks about their finds, and celebrate the Thames’ history from the ground up with a programme of talks and walks.


Mudlarks and the Thames - Hands on History

Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th September 2021 at Chiswick Pier Trust

10 am – 5 pm, Entry free

Photo: Hannah Smiles

This highly interactive mudlarking exhibition showcases the collections of 20 mudlarks (10 on the 25th September and 10 on the 26th September). This is an opportunity to meet London’s mudlarks and see their collections that have been assembled over decades – the result of a passion that combines the meticulous approach of the archaeologist with love of stories of the historian.

Mudlarks and the Thames is a great chance to come and find out what mudlarks have uncovered in the Thames foreshore when the tides are out…

Photographer Hannah Smiles is showing a collection of large-scale portraits of the mudlarks as part of the exhibition.

It’s a great event for the entire family, and can be combined with one of three guided walks leaving from Chiswick Pier Trust. For details please see below.

Chiswick Pier Trust, The Pier House, Corney Way, London W4 2UG.

Find out more about more events in celebration of Totally Thames.


Also happening locally as part of Totally Thames month

Saturday 25 September 2021, Mudlarking with Thames Explorer Trust


A chance to get onto the foreshore in Chiswick and find archaeological artefacts revealed by the River Thames. Who knows what will be discovered - smoking pipes, colourful pottery sherds, bones…? Thames Explorer Trust will be your foreshore guide.

Meet outside the 'Mudlarking Exhibition' at Chiswick Pier Trust, on the North Bank of the Thames. We will walk along Chiswick Mall and explore the foreshore beside Chiswick Eyot

More information and tickets.


Doves Press and Emery Walker House walking tour

Saturday 25 September 2021, 2- 4 pm

Join Emery Walker House curator Mallory Horrill and mudlark Jason Sandy on a walking tour and hear the fascinating story of the Doves Press and lost type. Leaves from Chiswick Pier Trust at 2pm.

More information and tickets.


William Morris House Tour

Sunday 26 September 2021, 2-4pm

Join William Morris Society Curator Mallory Horrill and local Hammersmith mudlark Jason Sandy on a walking tour where they will explore William Morris’s love of the River Thames and his time spent in Hammersmith (1878-1896). The walking tour begins at Chiswick Pier Trust.

More information and tickets.

Tide Tables

For a number of years, we have been producing Tide Tables with the times of High & Low Tide corrected to apply to Chiswick Pier, in a handy booklet form. These are issued free to paid up members of Chiswick Pier Trust or at a small cost to non-members. The 2021 booklet is now available and will be posted to members in the next few days. In addition, this year we have decided to add them online, you can download them here.

New Historic Houseboat Sign from Chiswick Pier Trust

Chiswick Pier Trust has produced a new information sign about the historic houseboats moored at Chiswick Pier. Sited on the walkway directly opposite the Pier House, the sign details the history of the eight houseboats permanently moored on the pontoon.

‘Our remit is to bring people to the river and we commissioned this sign because there is real interest in the boats, and these stories will add something significant to the walkway,’ says Trustee Sarah Hodgson. ‘It couldn’t be installed at a better time as the tow path linking Hammersmith and Duke’s Meadows is a popular lockdown walk for Chiswick, Hammersmith and Barnes residents. This, along with the information sign about the local history and ecology of the Thames that we had installed in 2013, tells people about the fascinating history of this area of the river!’

The boats, most of which were working boats, and one of which isn’t a boat at all – range from Regatta, built in 1909 – a steilsteven originally from Belgium to the very unusual Cube, a prefab placed on a 1930s buffer pontoon – a style of housing originally to help address post-Blitz housing shortages. The most recently built houseboat is a North sea trawler called Victory, which was manufactured in 1964. There are eight boats in total and the sign details their history.

The images and sign design were commissioned by Chiswick Pier Trust from local artist, Simon Clarke, who is Director of Thames Explorer Trust, based at Pier House.

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