Visitor moorings

  1. Hire is at the sole discretion of Chiswick Pier Trust. The Trust reserves the rights to cancel any booking
  2. The individual making the booking will be personally responsible for complying with all conditions and for payment of hire and all other charges
  3. Hire is by the hour to include get-ins and outs
  4. Community Groups and Charities are charged for the first 2 hours only, irrespective of the length of the booking
  5. The Hirer may use the kitchen and toilet facilities. Kitchen equipment is not provided
  6. The Hirer is responsible for leaving the premises in a tidy condition. A charge against the deposit will be made for extra cleaning and/or time, losses, damages, breakages, repairs, etc and if the premises are left in a dirty, untidy or damaged condition
  7. All hire charges are payable in advance, together with an additional returnable deposit of: -
    • £200 for evening parties
    • £100 for normal bookings
    • £50 for Community Groups and Charities
    Cheques should be made payable to "Chiswick Pier Trust"
  8. In the event of cancellation by the Hirer, a refund of the charges will be made as follows: More than 4 weeks notice, payment refunded in full. 4 weeks - 75%; 2 weeks - 50%; 1 week - 25%; less than 1 week - 0%
  9. No alcohol may be sold on the premises
  10. The Trust has a public liability insurance policy and the Hirer is responsible for ensuring that conditions are not breached
  11. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that no public nuisance (through noise, loud conversations, inconsiderate parking and/or vehicle movements, door slamming or any other reason) is caused. Amplified music is not permitted at evening events. Any breach of this condition will result in full retention of the deposit
  12. Events must end before 11pm (9pm on Sunday) and the Pier House vacated by midnight (10pm on Sunday)
  13. A Charge of £50 is made when any music is played after 11pm (10pm on Sunday)
  14. Additional charges at double the hourly rate are made when the Pier House is not vacated by midnight (10pm on Sunday)

The Pier House is located in a residential area. Visitors are asked to respect the residents and avoid creating nuisance through noise and vehicle movements.

Ball games are not allowed in the piazza and children must not play in the piazza.

All users of the Trust’s facilities and services are responsible for ensuring that crews, visitors, guests and other attendees conform to this request and behave in a responsible manner.

Vehicle parking is very limited. Please park in spaces marked CPT only; otherwise use Pumping Station Road.